On the Franco – Italian border, while the verdict of Cédric Herrou ‘s trial is expected on the 10th of February, Pierre – Alain Mannoni was acquitted by the Nice Criminal Court.

The prosecutor’s office in Nice has appealed, just as the public prosecutor’s office in Boulogne-sur-Mer routinely appeals acts of solidarity with the Exiles (see here, here and there).

The petition is still valid for those who have not signed it:


Yesterday, one could read on the Citizen of Roya’s page:

“Last night, 4 new solidarity citizens were in custody in Sospel, they were released today around 5 pm, new trials on 10th of May … Temperatures outside at the valley bottom, less than 0 degrees. “


The petition “Solidarity with Citizens Solidarity with Refugees” is all the more topical:


A support committee for citizens of the Alpes-Maritime has been set up. You can join it here:


« Manifesto

The Support Committee for Solidarity Citizens of Alpes-Maritimes was set up in response to the arrest and prosecution of citizens who disinterestedly have helped people in difficulty.

The condemnation of acts of solidarity citizens has become generalized in France and in Europe, especially in the case of people of foreign nationalities. This has been the case in the region of Calais and for several months in our department, particularly in the Roya Valley.

The police and military controls put in place during the state of emergency have led to numerous arrests of various people, migrants, solidarity motivated citizens, often based on racial profiling crimes, which has become the rule. These practices threaten the peace of our society and the freedom of all.

Many trials are underway and multiple arrests have taken place in recent months. For this reason, the website of the Support of Citizens Solidarity Committee of 06 is intended to document the cases of arrests and prosecutions carried out and ongoing in the Alpes-Maritimes. The Committee also intends to form a solidarity network within the framework of these procedures in order to support the persons concerned by contacting specialized lawyers with the existing associations that are already mobilized, in particular regarding legal costs.

We invite you to contact us.

In addition to the specific cases of those arrested and / or prosecuted, the support committee intends to defend and promote solidarity as a value and a principle essential to the constitution and sustainability of the social group in which we want to live. Indeed, these condemnations jeopardize the foundations of our society, the most essential human rights as well as the republican principles of freedom, equality and fraternity that form the basis of our “will to live together”.

The committee is made up of citizens with associations and public figures.

We invite all people aware of the dangers and potential abuses of such condemnations and sharing our conviction that solidarity must be prominent in our society, to join us by filling out the form accessible here »



Cave engraving – Vallée des Merveilles, not far from the valley of the Roya (picture : Gregor Seither)