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While most European countries are progressively closing their borders, Portugal is ready to receive its quota of refugees from neighboring countries of Syria, as well as Italy and Greece, under the European relocation programs. The country sets up accommodation and integration programs. The Portuguese government is even proposing to go beyond its quota. This policy doesn’t face any significant opposition in the country. The only difficulty is that the European Union makes transfers only little by little, and that refugees arrive a little at a time. Portugal is not one of the rich countries of the European Union, it is hardly hit by the crisis and the unemployment rate is very high.

Amnesty International France has chosen to highlight this policy in an article:

https://www.amnesty.fr/refugies-et-migrants/actualites/portugal-en-attendant-les-refugies (in French)

A petition addressed to the President of the French Republic follows it, “Refugees: France must make the choice of welcoming”




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