In the first place, the Exiles were mobilized around their situation in the CAOs (Reception and orientation centres) and the CAOMIs (CAO for minors), sometimes with local support, such as in the region Provence -Alpes – Côte d’Azur from the very beginning, and in Occitania or Rennes, but often also without receiving support. The miners were very active in these protests (see here and there).

But the extent of the Dublin procedure (which provides for the return to the European country responsible for applying for asylum under the Dublin III European regulation, which is most often the country of entry into the Union European Union) and the increasing number of house arrests (mostly outside of the CAOs but sometimes in the centres) to prepare for deportations is bringing more and more local mobilizations.

Embracing this movement, two associations, the Auberge des Migrants and Utopia 56 launched a call for mobilization for the 20th January.

The title of the mobilization, around the “promise of Cazeneuve” (when he was minister of the interior), is not unanimous, particularly with the groups that mobilized first against the risks of deportation of people in Dublin proceedings.

As soon as the first CAOs were created in October 2015, this “promise”, sometimes interpreted as a promise not to place persons whose fingerprints had been registered in another country under the Dublin procedure, or not to deport them, Not to deport them as long as they were in the CAO (hence the house arrests outside the CAOs to prepare the deportation) was defeated both by the declarations of the prefectures and the deportations (see here and there) As well as by the successive circulars which have come to frame the CAO scheme (see here, here and there). In fact, the prefectures have set up very divergent practices, which are now tending to converge towards the proliferation of house arrests and removal attempts, in a context where the government is multiplying deportations under the Dublin III regulation and is equipped with specialized accommodation facilities to prepare them, the PRAHDA. This “promise” also only concerns people coming from the shantytown of Calais, and not those from Paris and Grande-Synthe, near Dunkerque, who are also concerned by the scheme.

Demonstrations are therefore planned, linked or not to this call, in the coming days, while petitions circulate in support of people at risk of deportation. Some examples in a non-exhaustive list:

In Toulouse: daily meeting from 16 to 21 January from 12:00 to 2:00 pm Place Wilson.

In Montpellier: rally Saturday January 21st in front of the prefecture, place des Martyrs de la Resistance, from 3.30 pm to 7 pm.

In Besançon: gathering Friday, January 20 in front of the prefecture, 3 avenue de la Gare d’Eau, from 13h to 15h

Also a petition:

Quimper: a demonstration is scheduled for Friday, January 20 at the initiative of the League of Human Rights.

Also a petition: Young-migrants-dublin% C3% A9s-du-cao-de-pleyber-christ


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