So Mr. Naji was deported last night to Sudan from Charles De Gaulle airport by a Qatar Airways flight, as decided by the Moselle prefecture (see here and there).

This kind of decision is not unique to this prefecture, which is therefore actively involved in the government’s policy of deportation to any country, regardless of the situation (see here, here, here, here and there) . Mr. Ahmed, also a Sudanese national, was detained on 30th November 2016. He twice refused to speak to the Sudanese consul, thus preventing his identification, thus avoiding deportation. He was prosecuted for having impeded his deportation, and was sentenced to one month’s suspended imprisonment, and five years of prohibition on the French Territory.

He was therefore freed, since the maximum detention period is 45 days, but with an obligation to leave the French territory with Sudan as the country of deportation, which was still applicable, as is the interdiction from the territory of 5 years.


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