The war with the solidarity citizens , being carried out at the end of the reign of François Hollande, touches the foundations of our society. Perhaps as did the Dreyfus Affair in its time. Whether it is Gwen in Paris or Eric in La Roya, it is to know fundamentally, in which society we want to live.

For Exiles against criminal disproportion, Petition in support of Gwen Mallauran

The policy of the repression of social struggles and of solidarity with the Exiles is generalized by making minimal acts, criminal cases.

In the one which provoked this petition, supported by more than 100 personalities, the excess of public authority offends common sense: 29 hours of detention and significant penalties incurred for having expressed legitimate anger …


Gwen Mallauran is scheduled to appear on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 9 am in front of the 29th Chamber of the Paris TGI for verbally “outraging” the regional prefect JF Carenco, “the depositary of public authority (…) shouting three times’Carenco salaud ‘According to the ‘alleged facts’.

On 4th November, the massive dismantling of a camp of refugees around Place Stalingrad in Paris was presented as a measure favorable to their reception and dignity. Just that in face of the hypocrisy of this staging, she manifested her anger.

After 29 hours of detention, she was summoned to court. What does “public authority” mean?

The disproportionate nature of these prosecutions and their political meaning in our context alert us. She was alone trying to make another voice heard before this brutal evacuation. We know too well that this solitude is the result of our difficulties to regroup on all fronts: we do not want to leave her alone in the face of repression.

We call for the end of all prosecutions against Gwen Mallauran.

FIRST SIGNATURES: José Alcala, filmmaker, Pierre Alferi, writer, Guy Alloucherie, director, Mathieu Amalric, filmmaker and actor, Paul Avoine, draftsman, Etienne Balibar, professor emeritus of philosophy, Gilles Bannier, cinematographer Ludivine Bantigny, historian, Emmanuel Barot, philosopher, Jean Jaurès University (Toulouse), Aurélien Barrau, astrophysicist, Professor at Grenoble-Alpes University, Arno Bertina, writer, film director, David Bobée, director, director the National Drama Centre in Normandy, Rouen, Pascal Bonitzer, screenwriter and filmmaker Lucie Borleteau, filmmaker and actress, Nicolas Bouchaud, actor, Clara Executioner, screenwriter, Guillaume Brac, director, Nicole Brenez, Professor Geneviève Brisac, writer, Rodolphe Burger Olivier Cadiot, writer Judith Cahen Manuel Cervera-Marzal sociologist Patrick Chamoiseau writer Yves Citton literature teacher Laurent Cantet director Jean-Paul Civeyrac director Enzo Cormann writer Catherine Corsini, filmmaker, Marie Cosnay, writer, François Cusset, writer and historian, Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun, sociologist, Christine Delphy, director of research emeritus, CNRS, Claire Denis, filmmaker, Rokhaya Diallo, journalist and director, Cédric Durand, economist, Annie Ernaux, writer, David Faroult, academic, Philippe Faucon, director and producer, Pascale Ferran, director, Geneviève Fraisse, philosopher, CNRS, Isabelle Garo, a philosophy teacher, Remo Gary, singer, Dyana Gaye, filmmaker Stephane Gerard, director Feabrice Gobert, filmmaker Alain Gomis, director, Yann Gonzalez, director, Dominique Grange, engaged singer, Robert Guédiguian, filmmaker, Nacira Guénif, anthropologist, Chantal Jaquet, philosopher, professor at the University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne, Helena Klotz, director, Stathis Kouvélakis, philosopher, King’s College London, Geoffrey of Lagasnerie, sociologist and philosopher, Paul Laverty, author and screenwriter, David Lapoujade, philosopher, Olivier Le Cour Grandmaison, academic, Ken Loach, director, Frédéric Lordon , Philippe Malone, writer, Gilles Manceron, historian, Philippe Mangeot, professor in literature, Maguy Marin, choreographer, Tonie Marshall, filmmaker, producer and comedian, Corinne Masiero, actress and citizen of base, Laurent Mauvignier, Medeiros, singer Cyril Mennegun, filmmaker, Daniel Mermet, journalist, Guillaume Meurice, humorist Stephanie Murat, filmmaker and actress, Jean-Luc Nancy, philosopher, Mariette Navarro, playwright and writer Olivier Neveux, professor of theater studies, Ens Helena Noguerra, singer, Rebecca O’Brien, film producer, Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens, editor, Véronique Ovaldé, writer, Yves Pagès, writer and publisher, Ugo Palheta, sociologist, Lille 3 university, Benoit Peeters, writer and scriptwriter Willy Pelletier, sociologist and general coordinator of the Fondation Copernic, Antonin Peretjatko, filmmaker Nicolas Philibert, director, Aude Picault, designer, Guillaume Pigeard of Gurbert, philosophy professor Roland Pfefferkorn, sociologist Nathalie Quintane Sophie Reine, editor, Philippe Renonçay, writer, Michèle Riot-Sarcey, historian, Christophe Ruggia, filmmaker, Céline Sallette, actress, Virginie Sauveur, director, Valentin Schaepelynck, teacher-researcher, Céline Jean-François Sivadier, director and actor, Bernard Stiegler, philosopher, Jacques Tardi, draftsman, Etienne Tassin, professor of philosophy, Paris Diderot University, Enzo Traverso, historian, Lewis Trondheim, designer, Frédéric Videau, filmmaker , Tanguy Viel, writer, Eric Vuillard, writer, Martin Winckler, doctor and writer

(SAF=Lawyers union)
The government does not assume its duty of humanity.
It pursues and harasses those who fill its place.

For several months, citizens of the Vallée de la Roya on the Italian border, as well as numerous human rights associations, have been constantly alerting public authorities, judicial authorities, State and department, of the human drama unfolding before their eyes.

The renewal of the state of emergency resulted in the re-establishment of the border between Italy and France, pushing hundreds of exiles to take refuge in the Valley to be able to cross the border and seek asylum in France.

Without equipment, the risks they take are important and more and more refugees are found in a very worrying state of health.

Among them are many unaccompanied minors, left to their own devices. The application of French law would lead to their being sheltered by the Social Welfare services for Childhood or their referral to the judge for children.

On the contrary, their right to protection is being denied. Even if they have proof of the opening of a protection procedure, they are the subject of “refusal of entry”, formalized or not, and then refouled to Italy, perfectly illegal and contrary to international law.

Faced with this denial of rights and humanity, citizens have no choice but to replace the deficiency of a blind and deaf state.

They save life and restore the dignity of these men and women fleeing their countries. They perform the first-aid: help, give accommodation, care and advice.

These are the ones that the state decides to prosecute, to place in custody and to search freely and brutally.

The valley is under siege, crisscrossed by the police, the gendarmerie and army.

The SAF denounces the lack of respect for the fundamental rights of minors and – the stalking of solidarity citizens.

The SAF calls for the abandonment of prosecution for the offense of solidarity

The SAF requires the application of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the respect by France for its international commitments. “

Letter from Cédric’s mother to prosecutor Jean-Michel Prêtre.


Mama Herrou writes to the Procureur Jean Michel-Pretre , The Border , The Gestapo the reception of children , we know that at the Herrous…

In spite of the media coverage, press releases, demands, arrests and trials of Solidarity citizens, one forgets that the helper has received an education in one way or another. Because the values he has received have come from somewhere and not the TV or the speeches that forge the hearts of the people.With these cascading trials, it is individuals who present themselves at the bar, but behind there is often a family and when a mother sees her child in court she is touched right to her heart.

Pierre-Alain’s mother spoke here before and after the trial here. Today it is the the turn of Cédric’s mother to go to the prosecutor and there are times when it might be necessary to listen to the mothers.

Letter from Cédric’s mother to the Procureur Jean-Michel Prêtre.

Mr. Prosecutor, I am writing to you …

I am the mother of the one against whom you are persisting. My paternal grandmother , in 1918 also passed the border of Italy on foot, by the mountains, she lost the baby she was carrying during this journey (maybe she passed at that time the grandmothers of Messrs Ciotti and Estrosi, who knows?), She rented herself like a beast of burden to pull the “charetons” I remember her with the leather thong that crossed her torso … My mother was German, my sister was born in the jails of the Gestapo, they were both liberated by the Americans; It is this blood that flows half in the veins of my two sons that you arrested on Thursday, the other half being of the pure Breton blood … a Breton is stubborn, and is not afraid of storms.
If they are not French “de souche” (“of a stump”) (that is what remains of a dead tree, are they not ?) They have profound and living roots in this country which is theirs and which they like.
For you to understand … we have been a ‘host family’ for 25 years. Cedric was 5 years old, Morgan 7, when the first children arrived. They shared their toys, their table, their home, their parents with 15 abandoned children, of all origins, some beaten, raped … ..
So when Cedric tells you that these children whom he sees on our roads and the roads of the Roya, are his brothers and sisters, he does not lie to you. And when he speaks so strongly about the services of the Aide Sociale à Enfance,(ASE) it is because he knows their work.
We have four children since they have agreed to join two of these children to their families, they are their sister and their brother now and we are very proud !
That is, Monsieur le Procureur, and all those who call him a smuggler, a trafficker of human beings and a thief, that is who you are up against.