The Reception and Orientation centres (CAO – see here, here, here and there) had hardly been open for a month when news was received from the Bouches-du-Rhone about the placement of Exiles in Dubin proceedings, deportations and detention (see here, here here and there), but also on the joint mobilization of the Exiles and their supporters to face the situation. It was in November 2015, a year before the repeatedly reformulated “promise of Cazeneuve” concerning asylum seekers in the Dublin procedure appeared as a remuneration for the associations that participated in the eviction of the inhabitants from the shantytown of Calais in October 2016, and who are now complaining that they were paid in counterfeit currency.

While pressure is increasing on people in the Dublin procedure and other people in CAO are often uncertain as to their future, it is another joint mobilization of the Exiles and their support that is announced in Marseille for the 30th of January.

“MONDAY 30 JANUARY at 12:30 the Exiles hosted in CAO in Marseille
Call for a solidarity mobilization in front of the Prefecture of Marseille.

Gather together to denounce the “trap” of the CAOs, the so-called “reception and
“Where the people expelled from Calais are housed at the time of the last destruction
Of the “Jungle”.

In Calais, great care was put to work to convince people seeking to reach England that their asylum application would be dealt with in France. Arriving in the
CAO, instead it is a sorting policy that is put in place by the prefecture of the Bouches du
Rhône, disqualifying a significant proportion of the persons by submitting them to the
Dublin Regulation: deportation to the first country of fingerprinting in the European Union

A letter written by the migrants and a letter co-signed by numerous collectives and
Associations were addressed to the prefect reminding him of his duty to exercise the
promises proclaimed by the French government and not applied by the prefecture of

On Monday 23rd January, a public meeting allowed the Exiles to tell their story and
update on the deportation policy at work every day. At this meeting
a wide public was concerned to support the situation of these people. Then it was
decided to organize a rally jointly in front of the prefecture to break the law of silence.

In the Loire-Atlantique, Gironde, Alsace-Lorraine, Midi-Pyrénées collective mobilizations
continue and have obtained the suppression of the “dublinage” of the exiles of Calais. Elsewhere, in silence, the deportations have already begun …

Here, let us not let the state practice its sorting in silence !
Against their policy of dispersal and intimidation,
Resistance, encounter and solidarit