The ministers succeed each other and resemble each other. There was the “Cazeneuve promise” to those expelled from the Calais shantytown, first that they would not be placed in the Dublin procedure if they apply for asylum, then no forcible deportation for people in the Dublin procedure, or no forced eviction from the CAOs (Reception and Orientation Centres – see here, here, here and there – but it is enough to take the person out of the CAO to assign him elsewhere givng time to organize their deportation ).

There is now the “Le Roux Promise “: “The commitments made will be kept”.

What is at stake is that the European Dublin III regulation provides that a person must apply for asylum in one country and only one, and sets out the criteria for determining which country it is. In most cases, this is the country of entry into the area of the signatory countries of Dublin III (European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). These are countries which do not respect the right of asylum or do not offer refugees the possibility of integration, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. The stake is thus that these people can seek asylum in France, where the conditions for integration are still better, rather than in those countries where they have often been locked up, beaten, left on the street.

The “Le Roux promise” and the “Cazeneuve promise” are as follows: there are an increase in the number of placements in the Dublin procedure, as well as transfer decisions (meaning “deportation”) to the country of entry into the Dublin area.

As evidenced by the following petitions in support of those at risk of eviction – please send us any other petition so that we can disseminate it:

the demands of the migrants in Marseille :

“We are migrants, Exiles from Sudan, Afghanistan etc … and since the dismantling of the camp of Calais last October, we have been housed in CAO (Welcome and Orientation Centres ) scattered in and around Marseille . When we left the jungle, we received many promises from government officials that we could apply for asylum in France … and that the “Dublin” regulation would not be implemented.
This regulation consists of sending us back to the first European country where our fingerprints were taken For the majority of us, it is Italy: our fingerprints were recorded there under duress, sometimes under physical threats, and without any explanation. Today, we are told that the promises of the French government will not be kept, and that we will be sent back to Italy.We do not want to go there. We want our fingerprints to be erased, to make our asylum applications in France. Italy or Calais are the same: sleeping in the street, sleeping in the jungle, without any means, under the threat of police violence. We do not want to wait any longer. We want to be able to live our lives.

Or the press release of Seine Maritime lawyers:

The law firms EDEN (Rouen) and MARY (Le Havre), communicate:

“We were expecting it, but unfortunately the axe has just fallen. While encouraging Exiles to go to the CAOs without resistance at the time of the dismantling of the Calais jungle, the authorities had promised to process their asylum applications without transfer to other European countries:
The “DUBLIN” procedures have been raining on Rouen and Le Havre for a week.
We had to manage urgently yesterday 15 asylum seekers, mostly Sudanese, under removal measures to Italy. So many measures have been taken in Le Havre.
These measures are catastrophic and add even more stress and suffering to those people who, after leaving inhumane material conditions, have been living for weeks in the uncertainty of their administrative future in our country.
This resumption of Dublin transfers signals the official refusal of our authorities to welcome in France asylum seekers who have fled the African continent in their makeshift boats to arrive on the coasts of the Mediterranean.

We are utterly revolted by the attitude of the Minister of the Interior who asked the prefectures to apply these Dublin procedures in disregard of the speeches made during the operations of last October.
We will plead the first 8 cases on Friday morning”
The firm EDEN AVOCATS of Rouen
The firm INQUIMBERT MARY of le Havre