The government mobilizes against solidarity, society mobilizes against the solidarity offence.

Following the manifesto “Solidarity, more than ever an offense? “, A call has been launched for a day of action on 9th February, and events are planned throughout France (see below).

The petition “Solidarity with solidarity” is still open for signature:

A committee to support Ibtissam Bouchaara has been formed. This educator and staff delegate denounced the dysfunctionment of an accommodation centre where isolated foreign minors are mixed with adults who sometimes have major disturbances and where two young people have jumped out of windows at intervals of three weeks of each other , the second has died. In crackdown, Ibtissam was laid off without pay pending her dismissal.


A petition of support also:

Below is a message from Ibtissam.

It should also be recalled that in Calais more than thirty people have been prosecuted or detained citizens of other European Union countries because of their solidarity commitment (we will come back to this in the near future).

“5000 signatories and a message from Ibtissam !

“I thank you warmly for support in your thousands. I did not expect so much solidarity. It comforts me during this period of waiting. I will meet the Children’s Advocate at the end of February with the Group for the Defense of Social Work (GPS) and DEI-France (International Children’s Rights), authors of online advocacy « » For social work at the service of fundamental rights Children and adults “: that I propose you sign to be more numerous and stronger

Do not hesitate to send us concrete situations of violation of the rights of children, families and professionals in the performance of their duties so that we can discuss them with the Children’s Advocate and other public officials ” “
“If solidarity with foreigners is a crime, then we are all delinquents
Days of Action February 8, 9 and 10, 2017

For several months, there has been a resurgence of cases where solidarity is considered a crime. Trials of people assisting foreigners, threats of heavy penalties, intimidation, prosecution, convictions in Calais, Paris, Norrent-Fontes, Boulogne, Loos, Nice, Perpignan, St- Etienne, in Meaux …

Faced with the inertia of the state, citizen movements are gaining momentum, but the repression of solidarity is intensifying.

More than 350 national and local associations and trade unions have signed a manifesto published on 12 January 2017. They organize all over France, including:

 In Lille on 8th February

    In Paris on 9th February

    In Nice on 10th February

Gatherings to end the offense of solidarity.

In parallel, a digital campaign has been launched on to demonstrate its solidarity via social networks.

In Paris, on 9th February at 10:00 am in the Place de la Republique, representatives of the signatory associations of the manifesto and solidarity offenders will be present, in particular:

  • Thierry Kuhn (President of Emmaus France);
  • Aubépine and Houssam, prosecuted in 2016 for “organization of unlawful demonstration”, finally relaxed, and Mohammed, Exile living in Paris;
  • Léopold Jacquens, prosecuted for having signed, in 2011, proof of housing for the benefit of a person whose application for a residence permit was being examined, who was discharged by the Caen Court of Appeal in November 2016;
  • Denis Lambert, accused of assisting an illegal residence for hosting an Armenian family between January 2014 and July 2015; He had “compensated” them for doing household chores, which the person concerned totally denies, in 2015;
  • François Loret, condemned with Christian by the TGI of Meaux on June 12th, 2015 for “violence against an agent of public authority” after being caught in a scuffle when sheltering families who had been evicted from a slum in winter at Noisiel (77);
  • Jean-Luc Munro, prosecuted for “violence against a public officer with weapon”, the weapon being the bicycle with which he went to a shantytown to observe the illegal destruction of caravans by the police;
  • Hubert Jourdan (to be confirmed), of the Habitat et Citoyenneté association, which welcomes migrants and refugees to Nice;
  • Ibtissam, educator in a hostel for foreign isolated minors (MIE), laid off for having denounced the conditions of reception in this structure where a young person committed suicide;
  • Laëtitia Fontaine, prosecuted for “violence against an agent” in November 2015 while peacefully watching an anti-migrant demonstration in Calais, finally relaxed in 2017;
  • Rob Lawrie, sentenced on 14 January 2016 by the Boulogne-sur-Mer TGI to a fine of € 1,000 for attempting to allow a 4-year-old child to join his family in the United Kingdom;
  • Georges Gumpel, a child hidden during the Second World War. “

2017: Solidarity delinquents mobilized in all regions of France

Three national gatherings, in Lille on 8 February, in Paris on 9 February and in Nice on the 10th February.
And many other past and future local initiatives taken in particular by the organizations signing the manifesto of solidarity offenders


info document - voir en grand cette image
January 21, Montpellier
Rally against evictions and in solidarity with solidarity offenders

Placard “La Roya L’Aura” same combat (AuRA, abbreviation of the name of the region)

February 9, Dijon
Gathering and human chain at 6PM

Inter-association call: “To aid twelve trials in progress to foreigners (volunteers)! Stop bullying! Yes to solidarity! ”

Centre – The Loire Valley

February 9, Orléans (45) Gathering from 12:30 in front of the court of Orléans
Grand East
9th February 2017, in Strasbourg
Rally Place Kleber, 4:30 pm, “To end the offense of solidarity”. More information
30 January 2017, in Bezannes (Marne)
An educator of the Sauvegarde (child protection) of the Marne is threatened with dismissal for having testified on the unworthy conditions of reception of the youth of the home of isolated minors of the Sauvegarde of the Marne in Chalons-en-Champagne. A young Malian who recently committed suicide was accommodated there.
Call for a demonstration of support on January 30th, 2017 before the Sauvegarde of the Marne:
Child protection or infringements of the rights of children in organized groups ? (press release)
Isolated foreign minors: a special needs educator threatened with dismissal for exercising her duty of alert (Châlons-en-Champagne) (on the site of the CGT-ADDSEA)

9th February 9, Creil (60)
Gathering from 18:00 on the forecourt of the station of Creil for distribution of the manifesto and

formation of a chain of solidarity

8th February, Lille (59)
Gathering from 12:30 pm, Grand place, in the margin of the [trial of Jean-Luc Munro – Reminder of the facts here
More information
Facebook event page here


9th February, Paris (75)
Gathering from 10:00 am, Place de la République (application filed with the prefecture), including the presence of “solidarity offenders” who will speak and testify about their prosecution or their conviction.

Facebook event page: here


9th February Saint-Lô

Gathering at 18 H organized by the Collectif Manche for the rights of foreigners.
Read their call
New Aquitaine

February 10th, Pau (64)

Rally-action at 2:00 pm in front of the courthouse

9th February, Bayonne
Gathering at 18:00 in front of the sub-prefecture.

9th February, Limoges (87)
Gathering at 6 pm, Place de la Motte, and walk to the Palais de Justice
Call of the collective Chabatz d »entrar

9th February, Pau (64)
Press conference


February 9th, Albi (81)

February 9th in Figeac (46)
Gathering at 5:00 pm in front of the courthouse

February 9th in Rodez (12)
Assembly in Rodez in front of the prefecture
With Mom O’Chaud

9th February, Tarbes (65)
Gathering at 6 pm in front of the Palais de Justice

January 4th in Alès
Rally against the offense of solidarity with migrants in front of the court (place Henri Barbusse)
With the MigrantsWelcome collective 34



February 10th in Nice
Day when the verdict of the trial of Cedric Hérrou will be communicated (TGI of Nice)

info document - voir en grand cette image

Call out and program of the day.

February 10th in Gap


Oversea departments

February 9th in Guyane

Gathring at 12.30 in front of the prefecture in Cayenne (Sud-éducation, ASTIPA) »