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The multiplication of people placed in Dublin procedure amongt those in CAO (Center of Reception and Orientation – see here, here, here and there) expelled from Calais last October, with increasingly clear possibilities of expulsion towards the European country responsible for their asylum application under the Dublin III Regulation, continues to generate mobilisations (see here, here, here, here and here).

It should be noted that, as has been the case since the beginning of CAOs, practices vary widely from one prefecture to another. Some place in Dublin procedure, others do not, some also change practices, sometimes after mobilizations.

In Seine-Maritime, for example, following the media coverage of the situation, the prefecture abrogated a series of transfer orders (deportation ordered to the country responsible for the Dublin III asylum application, usually the country of entry into the European Union). But people remain in Dublin proceedings, at least for now, knowing that if the French authorities do not deport them within six months they will become responsible for their asylum application.


In Indre-et-Loire, a petition is online to support asylum seekers under Dublin procedure of the CAO in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps:


A wider gathering is also planned yesterday Thursday February 9th at 5:30 pm Place de la Prefecture in Tours:


In Talence, near Bordeaux, the exiles demonstrated last Monday faced with uncertainty about their future as the months pass.


We notice, reading this article, a something that happens quite frequently. The volunteers did not see this mobilization coming, things seemed to be going well, despite difficulties with the organization charged of managing the CAO. But the daily life can go well, the exiles are here to build their future, and often have the worry of loved ones left behind that they want to be able to support. Their project is not to spend good days succeeding each other without prospects. Whatever the quality of everyday life is, the question of the future is paramount.


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