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A Sudanese migrant arrested in Calais was deported this morning to Sudan from Oissel detention center, near Rouen.

Why Oissel? Presumably because the administrative tribunal of Lille has a jurisprudence to repeal the Obligations to Leave the French Territory (OQTF) without country of destination, or with Sudan as destination country, because of the risks of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment if back there (following Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights). The Judge of Freedoms and Detention of the Appeal Court of Douai normally puts an end to the detention on the same bases. Therefore it is difficult to evict to Sudan from Coquelles detention center, near Calais.

The judges of Rouen don’t follow the same line of jurisprudence, therefore deportation is more likely to happen from Oissel.

A migrant from Eritrean was also delivered an OQTF to Sudan. The Sudan consulate has given the pass, considering this person as Sudanese, so she risks to be deported to Sudan. The Sudan itself expels to Eritrea (link in French).

Again we have the impressioin of a subtile strategy behind this: the consulates of Eritrea do not issue passes, so we pass through the Sudan, which is more obliging.

In addition, two Sudanese are currently detained in Coquelles with OQTFs to Sudan. They are very likely to be released because of the jurisprudence of the court in the North region, but always better to keep an eye on their situation.

France Terre d’Asile, association working in both the detention centers of Coquelles and Oissel, does not seem to want to communicate on the particularly serious fact, thereby confirming its lack of distance from government policies.

Update 15/02/2017 – 20h30: the two Sudanese detainees locked up at Coquelles detention center were released by the Court of Appeal of Douai. The Administrative Court has not yet ruled on the repeal of their OQTF.

What you can do:

Call on the Minister of the Interior to call for an end to the deportation:


Question the prefect of Pas-de-Calais to ask to cancel all OQTFs for Sudan: