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The law of 27 January 2017 extends to all settlements the guarantees of the winter break, a French law that protects buildings from being evicted in winter time if the inhabitants would be homeless other way. Amnesty International rejoices; however, underlines as well the precariousness of this choice as solution for the increasing poverty and housing precariousness.

in French https://www.amnesty.fr/actualites/la-treve-hivernale-enfin-pour-les-bidonvilles

The law is therefore improved. But on the ground, whether in Calais, Dieppe (here, here, here, here in French, here the more recent one) or Steenvoorde (see here and there), we witness destruction of tents and personal effects, along with raids, sometimes after a trial, but often also in the absence of any legal decision. Changing the law may not be enough, where the state is non respecting its own laws.

You can download the Romeurop press release with the relevant law articles here, in French.

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Calais, the camp behind the supermarket Leaderprice after a first passage of the bulldozers, April 2015.