Hamid was arrested in Calais, identified as Sudanese by representatives of the embassy as of his administrative detention in the police station at the Calais border, under unclear circumstances. Still, he is not Sudanese, but an Eritrean, who arrived in Sudan at the age of 11.

Since then, as we have been in a previous alert, he has been locked up in the detention centre of Oissel, near Rouen, with a view to his expulsion to Sudan. He has lost all appeals, the courts relying on his recognition by the Sudanese Embassy, and his asylum claim in detention (an expeditious procedure in a few days, which does not offer the guarantees of a normal procedure) have been rejected. The appeal is not suspensive, and he may therefore be deported to Sudan at any time.

We therefore invite you to remobilize to challenge the decision-makers, also bearing in mind that, beyond the inadmissibility of expulsions to Sudan, this is a precedent for deporting Eritreans who have stayed in Sudan to that country, when the embassy of Eritrea refuses to issue the passes allowing them to expel them directly. Sudan, on the other hand, deports to Eritrea.

What you can do:

Call on the Minister of the Interior to call for an end to the deportation:


Write to the prefect of Pas-de-Calais asking him to cancel all OQTFs for Sudan: