It is the story of a person who lodged a group of Exiles for a few nights, who has been prosecuted for “facilitating or attempting to facilitate the entry, circulation or the illegal stay of a foreigner in France “And who runs the risk of the penalties provided for by article L622-1 of the CESEDA (Code of Entry and Residence of Foreigners and of the Right of Asylum), which may be aggravated by article L622-5 if considered as having done so in an organized band.

The situation is already a reminder of the regime under which we are living, but also includes a peculiarity. This person has been placed under judicial control, with an exotic peculiarity, the prohibition of any contact with journalists.

Here is the way in which the Syndicat des Avocats de France commented on this measure: “It is an attack on liberty. It cannot be forbidden to see journalists like that. There must be some link to the allegations. ”

The Magistrates’ Union: “This is an original decision. One can at least question the reason for this prohibition under the law. […] Avoiding publicity is not a reason for a judicial control. ”

A lawyer commented: “They are a bit special in Boulogne. For any affair which concerns from either near or far the people smugglers, quadruple punishment is taken.

You can read the article from Streetpress from where the information is taken here :


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