The violence of European anti-migratory policies sends us back to our history. In the United Kingdom, Alfred Dubs, one of the Jewish children who arrived in the United Kingdom before the Second World War, was able to escape the Nazi genocide and adopted an amendment requiring the British government to welcome unaccompanied foreign minors on European territory. In France, in the face of the return of the solidarity offense and the repression against those who are in solidarity with the Exiles (see here, here, here, here and there), it is a call for Jewish children hidden in the Second World War and members of their families, who recalls the vital importance of “delinquents solidarity “.

“Manifesto of hidden children.

“Without the solidarity of delinquents, we would not be here”

The time  of the rebirth of the solidarity offence has come. In the Roya Valley, Calais, Paris, Norrent-Fontes, Boulogne, Loos, Perpignan, St-Etienne and Meaux … militants and citizens who have demonstrated their disinterested solidarity for refugees or Roma, are being intimidated, threatened, and pursued by the Authorities.

We, the Jewish children hidden during the Second World War to escape deportation, solemnly declare: if we are alive, it is because solidarity offenders disobeyed, hid us, fed us, despite the laws of Vichy and the occupier. They opened their doors, falsified our identities, they were silent on the injunctions of the Police and the administration, they took the ways facing the persecution …

Their solidarity is now publicly acknowledged. We are grateful to them, as we are for the courage of our parents who made the hard choice to part with us and transform their children into “isolated minors”.
But this duty of solidarity also applies today and we demand the end of these intimidation trials. We proclaim the legitimacy of the citizens’ right of scrutiny over the practices of administration, justice or the Police. We are in solidarity with those who show solidarity with people in precarious situations without worrying about whether or not they are in a regular situation regarding their stay. We pass the torch of solidarity to the whistle blowers, to citizens critical of  xenophobic policies, to the solidarity of everyday life.

The first 14 signatories:
1. hidden children -:

Georges Gumpel, a child hidden in Lyon and then in Haute-Loire;
Liliane Lelaidier-Marton, a hidden child in Bonneuil-sur-Marne;
Georges Tugène, hidden in the Haute-Loire;
• Jean de Monbrison, hidden near Auch, in the Gers;
Nicole Kahn, a child hidden in a Catholic school in Limoges.
Denise Fernandez Grundman, a hidden child in Maine et Loire.

2. Hidden Parents

Patrick Silberstein, son of Hélène Vainberg, hidden by Italians at Monthléry;
Dominique and Emmanuèle Natanson, son and daughter of Jacques Natanson, hidden by Dominican monks at Saint-Maximin, Var;
Jean-Claude Meyer, brother of Colette Meyer, hidden after the execution of their father;
Jean-Guy Greilsamer, son of Yvonne Greilsamer, hidden in Saint-Dizier in Haute-Marne, then in the Aube;
Beatrice Orès, daughter of a child hidden in the Rhône department.
Didier Epsztajn, son of Josette Stern, a hidden child;
Sonia Fayman, daughter of Lucien David Fayman, resistant deported to Dora, who organized the shelter of children in the South of France.

This call is launched on the initiative of the French Jewish Union for Peace, a member of “Delinquents Solidaires” (Solidarity Offenders).


René Magritte : La Mémoire.