The police continue to arrest the exiles, mainly minors, who go to the showers set up by the Secours Catholique (see here, here, here, here .

Same situation, same action: as last Saturday, solidarity people gathered in Place d’Armes in the centre of Calais to shower in public and protest against the harassment against the Exiles who want to wash.

This time, forty or fifty people gathered under the directive and statuesque eye of two people who had taken refuge in their time in London, Yvonne De Gaulle, née Vendroux, Calaisienne, and her husband Charles.

This time, the municipality having cut the water from water jets , the shower was taken under the bottles brought as a precaution.


Saturday March 4 11:30 am in Calais

Go out in a bathrobe and dress up in the streets of Calais to protest against the fact that men and women are prevented from having access to this act of elementary hygiene which is to wash:

Wednesday 8 February:

The Secours Catholique has three modular showers for the street people of whom Exiles are present, in spite of the attempt of the authorities to make them disappear by destroying the camp last October.

To prevent their delivery, a member of the Mayor’s office parked his car in front of the entrance before the town hall installed a skip.

Monday 13 February:

The Administrative Court of Lille condemns the town hall.

Wednesday 15 February:

An employee of the association, a journalist from Libération and 7 young people were arrested for a few hours: they went to the showers.

Wednesday 22 February:

14 people were arrested and then went to the showers.

Friday 24 February:

The 25 people who were washed had to give their identities in order to access the showers.

Tuesday 28 February:

7 people are arrested at the exit of the showers

Wednesday 1 March:

14 exiles are arrested on their way to the showers

And I surely missed arrests …

Since it is inappropriate to wash in a private space,

Perhaps it is better to wash in public space?

“Toilet brush”

This Saturday, March 4th 11:30 am in Calais


Public Baths Calais 25th February