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Fahrad was an interpreter for a UN mission in Afghanistan. For this, like other people who have worked for international agencies or NGOs, he is threatened by the Taliban. However, his asylum  application in Norway was rejected.

He then passed by Germany, France, willing to go to the United Kingdom, and was arrested in Calais. From there, it is the European regulatory machinery that plays: he is detained and sent back to the European country where he applied for asylum, Norway. And the Norwegian authorities, who have denied him asylum, are going to expel him to Afghanistan, where he is in danger, as they have done in other occasions.

On Streetvox, a tribune of Fahrad in which he explains its story and the stakes of its expulsion (in French):


Supplemented by a tribune of Marion Beaufils, lawyer of the Cimade, who restates the context:


The flight planned for the expulsion of Fahrad is at 11:15 am,  Monday, March 13, at terminal 1 of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. A call to rally was made:



UPDATE: he was let out of the plane and wasn t deported. He his still in detention, and still at risks of being deported.