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The National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) is an independent authority whose role is to advise the parliament and the government on matters of fundamental rights and civil liberties. It mainly expresses its positions through opinions and reports.

When the president of this institution goes outside this framework to address directly the Prime Minister, it is to mark the gravity of the situation.

She did so with a letter dated 24 February and made public by the CNCDH, underlining the gravity of the abandonment situation in which exiles are left, many of whom are minors, as well as the harassment, intimidation and prosecution of persons in solidarity, both in Calais and on the Franco-Italian border.

In the letter, she therefore asks the Prime Minister to review the political choices that have led to this situation.

You can read the letter from the President of the CNCDH to the Prime Minister here (both in French):