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For the people who knew Calais before the creation of the slum under the pressure of the public authorities in March – April 2015, the scene looks familiar. The truck loading dock, under a roof, of the Paul Dévot hangar was one of the places where meals were distributed until the public authorities conceded a place on Moscow street in 2009. Then again, after the evacuation of the place set up for the distribution of meals occupied by the exiles on 2 July 2014. The other place of distribution was a vacant lot on the Moselle quay, which is no longer practicable since there is a building under construction.

It was at the hangar Paul Dévot that the associations decided to organize the distribution of meals last night, in response to the municipal “arretes” prohibiting them in different sectors of the city. People from all walks of life in solidarity with the exiles have come, beyond the divergences which have been strong in the last two years, into a unit at least provisionally found.

To older people in Calais, the situation may be reminiscent of the period following the closure of the Sangatte Center in the autumn of 2002, when it was necessary to re-establish solidarity under the police harassment that meets the basic needs , to eat, to wash, to dress. In the absence of even a shelter, failing to have access to his fundamental rights.

Salomon Koninck: Philosopher with open book.