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Since the showers set up by the Secours Catholique in Calais have been the object of harassment both by the town hall and the state (see here, here and here), the citizens concerned are found Every Saturday morning at Place d’Armes, in the city center, to shower in public, since it is not possible for exiles, under penalty of arrest, to shower in a private place (see here and here) .

Since then, the town council has issued an anti-assembly decree concerning the distribution of meals in the industrial zone of the Dunes. As the meal distributions were moved outside the perimeter concerned by the decree, a new decree was taken concerning this new place, as well as the Place d’Armes where the public baths are held. “. To the question of showers, to the question of meals, added that of the freedom of expression.

Last saturday morning, in Place d’Armes, people in their bathrobes strode around the market and around, distributing leaflets and talking to the people present, before going up Rue Royale and gathering in front of the town hall, all under The eyes of municipal police officers.

As long as the showers of the exiles are harassed, the actions “Public baths!” will continue.


“Public bath:

Go out in a bathrobe and dress in the streets of Calais to protest against the fact that men and women are prevented from having access to this act of elementary hygiene which is to wash!

Since it is inappropriate to wash in a private space,
Perhaps it is better to wash in public space?

Freedom of expression :
In response to our gathering last week, the Mayor extends her order to Place d’Armes to make sure that we do not dare to gather again, that we come back in rank and remain silent.
We will never be silent!
Since the mayor wishes to muzzle us, let us express our disagreement and the inalienable attachment to our freedom of expression!

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