Of course the Exiles are political subjects and will express in the public space ,visions and choices as to a particular situation or as to the society and its future. In any case, as the deportations to Sudan are multiplying and becoming commonplace, a collective of Exiles, Sudanese activists, are calling for mobilization.

Gathering in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Friday 31 March from 15:30 to 18:30.

You can download the text of the call here.

“Together against the expulsion of asylum seekers to Sudan”
Gathering to protest against the deportation of asylum seekers to Sudan
In front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday 31 March 2017 from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Today the Sudanese are awaiting the execution of their deportation orders, as the French authorities have initiated deportation procedures for an increasing number of asylum seekers from Sudan in recent months without taking into account the situation of War in several parts of the country, notably in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile (the Quai d’Orsay strongly discourages French nationals from visiting these areas), nor serious violations of human rights throughout the country. France appears to be unaware that General Omar El Bechir is the only incumbent head of state that is being prosecuted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. France no longer seems to recall that the provisions of the international conventions which prohibit the return of an asylum seeker to his or her country of origin if this is to endanger his life.

It is important to stress that Sudanese asylum seekers, like all applicants from other countries, do not have sufficient time to prepare their cases or do not receive assistance to understand the procedures.

The complexity of asylum applications and the legal and administrative limits that should not be exceeded. In addition, there are communication problems related to the insufficient number of interpreters in Arabic, but also in the other spoken languages of the country.

The majority of Sudanese asylum seekers arrive in France after a perilous crossing of the Mediterranean and a long and trying journey through several countries with the physical and psychological consequences that one might imagine that these young people who are leaving their country and their families for the first time. When they arrive in France, they are forced to sleep in the streets of the big cities. They lodge their asylum applications in conditions unworthy despite the help and efforts of NGOs.

With this gathering, we call on the French authorities to stop immediately the deportation of Sudanese asylum seekers to their country of origin because they are victims as soon as they return from pressures, threats, “prolonged” interrogations and all sorts of discrimination. Humanitarian and human rights organizations have reported cases of disappearance among those deported to Sudan, but also murders such as that of Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud on 21st November 2016, the Sudanese services explained his death during the interrogations with the statement that he had thrown himself from the window of the fifth floor.

Stop the deportation of asylum seekers to Sudan !

Gathering organized by Sudanese activists and associations in France
Assembly area :
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
37, Quai d’Orsay 75007 Paris
Metro Line 8 and RER C: Gares des Invalides, near Esplanade des Invalides »