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How to try and pass the border with the UK from as far away from the actual border as possible? By getting on board a vehicle bound for the United Kingdom. You could wait at one of the rests stops on the motorway leading towards the coast where lorries headed for the UK often stop. Or you could get on the Eurostar. But unless you manage to get inside a train your chances aren’t good – between the electric arc near the overhead catenary system and the and the powerful rush of air from the train’s speed, your chances of survival are nil.

This past Tuesday, 2 May, at Paris’s Gare du Nord, after succeeding to climb onto the Eurostar’s roof an exile was killed by the electric arc from the catenary system above the train.


This is the third exile to have died at the border so far this year. On the 21st of January Johnsina was run over on the motorway near Calais. On the 11th of March, another exile died near Dunkirk following an attempt to cross the border.