Being deported to a European country does not guarantee respect for rights. On the one hand, because some European countries do not respect the rights of the deportee, those which offer opportunities for access to protection or a residence permit vary widely from one country to another. But also because some deport more than others to country like those which are at war or where the risks of violation of rights are particularly grave.

Thus, Italy, has a readmission agreement with Sudan to facilitate deportations to that country. For example, Norway has a special recognition rate for Afghan asylum seekers and is a mechanical route for shipping them to Afghanistan (see here, here and there).

Thus, from January to April 2017, out of 3945 asylum applications that were addressed, the Norwegian authorities granted protection in 56% of the cases, a limited residence permit pending the determination of the identity of an asylum claim- In 7% of cases, a claim of minority was accepteded and in 37% of cases the applications were rejected (an acceptance rate practically double that of France).

On the other hand, for Afghans over the same period, out of 1179 requests 22% received a positive response, 23% a limited residence permit for the alleged minor pending the determination of their identity , And 55% recieved a negative answer. In France, based on a recognition rate by OFPRA of 80% in 2016.

Hence the pattern of asylum in Norway for Afghans- rejecton in the majority of cases -the rejected people continue their route to Europe, and demand asylum in a more favorable country like France. The French authorities return them to Norway, the country responsible for their asylum claim under the Dublin III European regulation (because the first country where they applied) and Norway deports them in a few days to Afghanistan without individuals having any access to independent legal advice and the possibility to file an appeal.

Two new situations of imminent expulsion, with appeal for support:



A petition:

“Qanbar’s nightmare, an Afghan of the hazara ethnic group who is being persecuted in Afghanistan, has begun after opposing the stoning to death of his sister. It is worth the threat of death.

He fled his country, landed in Norway where he was denied asylum (like the vast majority of Afghans: 25.2% agreed against 80.6% in France). Threatened to be expelled, Qanbar left for France, where the Dublin regulation applies: he is incarcerated and must return to Norway.

He is currently awaiting in the Detention Center a CRA and without intervention, he will be deporteded to Afghanistan imminently.

It is necessary to act quickly and cancel the application of the Dublin procedure which decides deportation to Norway and authorize him to apply for asylum in France. ”

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And a mobilization by e-mail:


To demand the release of Hafizullah who will be deported to Afghanistan via Norway, please fax, mail to the prefecture of Lozère. You can use the text below:
Hafizullah, 22-year-old Afghan boy, threatened with deportation to Afghanistan

Hafizullah, assigned to residence at Marvejols, Lozere, was arrested through deceipt at the gendarmerie,while reporting there and taken to the detention center in Lyon.
France will deport him to Norway where he had made an asylum application.
It was rejected.
Terrorised at the idea of ​​being expelled to his country of origin, by Norway which has already expelled 577 Afghans since February 2016, Hafizullah came to seek protection of France which does not consider Afghanistan a safe country.
In 2015, Hafizullah had left Afghanistan after the Taliban assassinated his father. His life is in danger in that country still at war.
I refuse to let Hafizullah SAFI be deported to Norway, then Afghanistan.
I request that he be released and file an asylum application in France.

Cabinet du préfet
Fax 04 66 49 17 23
Préfet – Hervé Malherbe

Secrétaire général – Thierry Olivier

Fax 04 66 49 03 17
Directrice des services du cabinet – Nadine Monteil

Service des étrangers
Fax 04 66 49 67 22

Chef du bureau des titres et de la circulation – Évelyne Boukera

Fax 04 66 49 67 22
and to make known what one thinks , where these decisions are taken : Secrétaire général Elysée Matignon Dircab Matignon Ex-Dircab Matignon Dircab adjointe Matignon, ex-Dircab adjointe Intérieur Conseillère Matignon ex-conseillère immigration Intérieur Dircab Intérieur Conseiller immigration »


Claude Monet: Sandvika, Norway.