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While the media attention is focus on the new government and legislative campaign in France, repression is getting worse at the UK-France border.

Refugees didn’t disapear with the fire at the Liniere refugee camp in Grande-Synthe (see here and here). Life conditions are just more precarious and people more vulnerable. Police intimidation is strong, mounted polie are even there to push people out of woods and dunes.


Yesterday thursday afternoon, police destroyed precarious shelters and blankets of the 250 people who were sleeping in the Puythouck wood in Grande-Synthe https://goo.gl/maps/TJYXcqVR7yv. Some families have been hosted by City Hall. For the others, life is just worse. And it’s raining again.


According to different sources, places have been reserved in detention centers (CRA) everywhere in France by the ministry of Interior for some refugees of Calais. Important raids can be expected sometimes soon in Calais.


Viktor Vasnetsov : Vityaz at the Crossroads.