“This Monday I was quietly smoking a cigarette while drinking a coffee at the kitchen window. A man appears in the doorway. In the large house in the process of moving and with rooms empty, it seems almost natural. He asks if a doctor lives in the house. He explains that he rang the doorbell and that the door was closed (after checking it will prove that the doorbell is working and he has just pushed open the door). It was then that I noticed his coat of arms and reconize his coat a little strange. The man is a mobile gendarme.

“Doctor”: there is one who has actually lived there until the last few years. The gendarme is informed, inaccurately, of course;  it is actually a neighbor who saw a move and who pointed out the place as a potential squat. The gendarme came to visit, without ringing and without a search warrant, sure of his impunity. We’re in Calais.

It is amusing, because among the rumors circulated by the extreme right is that of invaded Calaisians who find even “migrants” in their dining-room chattering content of the fridge. In reality, they are cops that are found at home in the kitchen. So who are the invaders?

This happened on 12 June 2017 in a house in Calais.