The evacuation of the 1,800 minors held in the container camp is scheduled for tomorrow. The procedure used is that they will be sent to CAO MIE (Reception and orientation Centres for Isolated Foreign Minors) all over France. From there, those that the Home Office has chosen will go to the United Kingdom, the others will remain in France. As they were sorted through age profiling as minors outside of any legal proceedings, nothing says that the Department for the Social Support of Children  will recognize them as such. Cut off from associations that followed their situation, they will be without independent support if the administration puts obstacles to them accessing their rights.

But also outside container camp are minors, sleeping outside, and the authorities are not saying what they will become of them. A raid is possible to take them by force to the centres and make them disappear from the landscape.

But uncertainty is weighing on everyone, and no one really trusts the authorities, even after the passage today of agents from the Home Office. There are now those inside containers that have a bracelet with the number of their buses, and those outside who do not. Sleeping outside for some and sleep in degraded conditions for the other, the container camp provides for only 1,500 people and does not seem to be being taken care of, as shown in this video:

.Tensions have been palpable in front of the containers these last days. They crystallised breaking out last night between Afghans and Eritreans. The Police deployed the water cannon, without using it, gassed a little, then took the Eritreans into church in the shantytown, allowing for the separation of the two groups, but this does not in any way correspond to a legal position in terms of providing shelter. Eritreans broke through the police cordon to return to battle, and were surrounded by Police and brought back to the church. The night is likely to remain tense. And tomorrow morning complicated too, as they went into the containers with Afghans and others who were there without the famous bracelets for the bus, and then Eritreans came out without wristbands.

So the violation of rights and the storage of people in uncertainty for their future creates violence – as so often in Calais and elsewhere.

The evacuation of containers will take place tomorrow, probably witnesses will not have access to see what happens, and no guarantee for the future of those people who will be taken to the bus.

Women and children who are in the Jules Ferry centre will be evacuated by the end of the week, some rumours say tomorrow and others on Thursday or Friday. There againthere are minors, who will be taken to the CAO MIE , some of whom could, depending on the choice Home Office legally reach the UK.

According to preliminary information, some CAO MIE have already been emptied of their occupants, who have hit the road.


the document distributed to everyone in the shantytown  with a threat (in bold) that European law will no longer apply in Calais