Police pressure is not limited to the distribution of evening meals, organized by the associations (see here, here and there), it is diffuse and also covers all distribution throughout the day.

As of last week, there are several testimonies from volunteers who made night marauds with tea and food, and who had to undergo identity checks, vehicle control, security palpations. Volunteers were told by the police that they were forbidden to return to those places and that distributions were prohibited.

This week, meal distributions began in the industrial zone of the Dunes at noon, at the same place as those of the evening. The police are intervening daily to disperse them, batons and pepper spray in hand.

The police also intervene to disperse the distributions of breakfasts. This morning, Exiles and volunteers were gassed.

The fact that meal distributions take place in peri-urban areas with little traffic leaves the police free to act without witnesses and endangers Exiles and volunteers.

The Lille Administrative Court suspended the application of the anti-distribution orders issued by the Mayor of Calais, and the police action violates this decision in a more and more clearly assumed manner (see here, here and there). A sign of what is the end of the term of François Hollande, but also probably of what will be that of his heir.