Most of them are voting with their feet and are leaving the CAOMI (Reception and Orientation Centres for Isolated Minors – see here, here, here and there) to take the road to the British border. In the same way as adults (or minors sent there following the summary sorting procedure during the destruction of the Calais shantytown) are told to seek asylum in France or to return to their country,and who have been leaving the CAOs ( Reception and Orientation Centres – see here, here, here and there).

But others cling on to assert their rights, as in Batz-sur-Mer, in the Loire Atlantique, where minors are demonstrating, or in Réalville, where minors who have not been accepted by the Home Office to legally reach the UK are on hunger strike.

It should be noted that according to La Dépêche the minors,who are conscious of their rights, are requesting a reasoned reply from the Home Office. Indeed, family reunification under the Dublin III regulation, which is used to determine the country responsible for an asylum application, is a provision of European law which states are required to respect, and which people can use to take legal action.

At a time when we are called to drown the CAO and our good consciences under Christmas presents, is not the urgency to be with these people, in their struggles for their rights