All legal avenues have been pursued to avoid the deportation of two Sudanese detainees locked up at the Vincennes detention centre to Sudan (the third who was arrested the same day in Calais did not finally have scheduled flights): the Judge of Freedoms and Detention (JLD, in a special hearing) – failed; European Court of Human Rights – failure to apply for the suspension of the deportation.

And yesterday the administrative tribunal, on the grounds that it had already ruled in relation to an obligation to Leave the French Territory without a country of destination, and that the reservation of the flights to Khartoum showed an implicit destination. In the meantime, the destination has become explicit (notified in writing). The court therefore felt that it needed time to study this new element, and referred the matter to a new hearing on Saturday, 19th November.

The flight today and no doubt that of Saturday are cancelled.

Beyond that, nothing is sure. And this uncertainty is weighing heavily on the nerves of these two people.

Amnesty International has launched a campaign on twitter to stop the expulsion:

And the need to put pressure of the Pas-de-Calais Prefect to cancel her decision to deport and to release them is therefore still necessary:

By phone:

By fax:

On the site of the Prefecture: us

To challenge the government and those in charge of ministerial offices:,,,,,,,,,,,,


Drawing: Paul Gendrot